Act in such a way as to have an effect on each other.

Marina Abramović, The artist is present

 The artist is present is a three month exhibition where Marina Abramović sits at an area called the 'square of light' and a member of the audience are allowed to sit in front of Abramović without any communication or contact. Her object was 'achieve a luminous state' and engage in an 'energy dialogue.' The interaction between the artist and public allowed me think about physical and mental ways to communicate between the artwork and the audience because different people consume information in different ways.

Sun kills (unconventional brand)

Sun Kills

I had discovered this campaign through the book 'unconventional brand.' I was very interested in this particular campaign as similarly to Rankin's charity and campaign photography because of the combination of the typography and image which communicates and presents an emphasis.

Clouds, Mountains and Waterfalls. Sadie Coles

The sensory room, Mademoiselle Privé

Tracey Emin, My Bed. Tate Britain

Moritz waldemeyer

Didier faustino (a t ouch of code)

Speculative everything

Pieter Van Eenoge, AOI 2015

When we pollute our oceans we pollute ourselves

'When we pollute our oceans we pollute ourselves' was one of the most interesting pieces that I had found in the AOI exhibition because of how the piece communicates the current issues of pollution. I am drawn towards how Pieter Van Eenoge addresses these issues through illustration as the images and symbols are clearly presented such as the fish within the mouth of a person in addition to the plastic rubbish within the fish's mouth. The method of utilising symbolism had come into my mind as it allows the communication of the piece to be much clearer which I personally think is important.

The interaction in the media through the typography, symbols and photographs informs and projects the message. Whereas the installation of the birdcage presents a physical interaction with the piece. These allowed me to consider interaction through different ways in order to communicate and address a message.

White Space

CDG, spring summer 2012

Christian Capurro’s erased Vogue Magazine

Anonymous people had been asked to erase pages from the 246 paged issue of Homme Vogue from 1986. The erasing took 5 years and involved over 250 participants. I was attracted towards how white space in Capurro's vogue was used to erase content and create a pause which I found refreshing because of the removal of the busy colours and advertisements leaving behind emptiness. 

From this particular research I became interested in utilising whit e as a way of removing and creating in a literal way with white and also in an abstractive style through maybe performance or installation.

Bridget Riley, Current

Bridget Riley uses monochromatic colours to create and enhance the optical illusions. I perceived the white space in Bridget Riley's piece as duality, cooperation and balance because the even balance between the black and white works together in harmony.

Emergence, Bill Viola

Ellsworth Kelly, Horizontal line

Symphony in White, James Mcneill Whistler

Yayoi Kusama, Obliteration room

Yayoi Kusama's obliteration room was originally a white room with white furnitures and objects which were to be obliterated and interacted with by the public through the stickers that were given to them. The obliteration room allowed white space to face an inevitable end because of its fragility and weakness towards other colours. I became interested in perceiving white space as a foundation, a beginning, and end and purity.

Gilbert and George


26 August 2018, 22:45

Сдаю квартиру ,дом ,гостиницу ,котедж в Гурзуфе посуточно и на долгий срок
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